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Angle Seat Valves

omal angle seat valve Pneutech are Australian pneumatic industry experts committed to providing high quality OMAL VIP Angle Seat Valves, reliable service and innovative solutions benefiting our clients bottom line. The OMAL VIP has been developed as the best and easy solution for the installation of automatic plants with safety, reliability and economic factors. The VIP is born to satisfy all the needs of modern plants.

OMAL Angle Seat Valve features

The 2/2 OMAL angle valves are pneumatically operated and extremely reliable.They guarantee a high number of working cycles as well as bubble tight sealing. They are installed with a self-lubricating and self-adjusting plug-stem set that automatically adjusts itself as it wears. They are also supplied with a scraper to avoid the introduction of foreign bodies in the sliding area. The self-aligning plug, with a seal in PTFE, guarantees tight closure even in the most arduous conditions.

The ARES and ATENA. valves which are supplied in stainless steel (AISI 316) guarantees high compatibility with most media. The ZEUS product having a bronze body and internal parts in AISI 316 ensure reliability and low acquisition cost running for all those applications that are compatible with bronze RG6 (Ni > 2%). All versions are equipped with an actuator made in engineering resin.

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