Process Valves - for Gases and Liquids

Pneutech are Australian pneumatic product industry experts committed to providing high quality Omal Process Valves and Actuators including VIP Axial Valves, Spring return double acting actuators, Angled seat valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic and Electric actuators.

Technology and flexibility have been determining factors in the Omal's growth. They have specialised in the production of pneumatic and electric actuators; pneumatically and electrically controlled valves; on-off axial valves and flow valves.

All Omal products are designed for high-cycle applications and long life reliability. They are available with a wide range of certifications such as API6D, SIL3, ATEX and many more.

Also available is a range of diaphragm style valves from MAC Valves and Shako.

The MAC Bullet valve is a long life valve bringing all of the advantages in the MAC poppet design to the liquid game. Fast response, repeatable and accurate.

Shako have a range of general purpose diaphragm solenoid operated valves with threaded connections available in brass and stainless steel with a variety of seal material options.

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