VMECA Vacuum Products - Venturi Pumps, cups, filters, grippers, conveyors

Pneutech is the proud Australian partner of VMECA vacuum products. VMECA is a market leader in vacuum handling has been manufacturing equipment since 1991.

VMECA manufactures its products in house in Seoul, South Korea. 

With a huge range of vacuum cups, pumps, fittings, speeders we're sure that VMECA can provide benefits in:

  • Increase gripper pad and vacuum cup life
  • Better product adherence
  • Lower air consumption with multi stage venturi technology
  • Provide all in one integration solutions for machine builders
  • Filter your vacuum of particulates and dust
  • Specialist grippers for solar, microprocessor and other industries

Along with the other distributors around the world we can provide global support and local servicing for all VMECA products.

You can find more information on VMECA at their website.