Filling Industry

Pneutech are very strong in the beverage industry. Key requirements include high production rates and systems that can be continuously developed to meet a diversity of production needs. From mixing, moulding, filling, sealing, packaging, labeling, transport and quality control, our pneumatic systems allow for greater output, improved operating efficiencies and less product wastage through leakage or packaging damage.

Solutions for Filling Applications

Our high quality automation components can be used to resolve a number of challenges experienced within the filling industry. Improve accuracy and discover high-speed solutions that will enhance productivity and ensure limited downtime of equipment with more reliable applications.

MAC Valves are known for offering a superior product that facilitates speed and repeatability. Their product has been proven to optimise cycle time and improve reliability within the harsh operating conditions often associated with the filling industry.

Discover the benefits of our filling industry solutions including:

  • Drop-in replacement parts
  • Longer equipment life
  • Nonstick valves
  • Minimal friction
  • Equipment unaffected by air pressure fluctuations
  • Equipment unaffected by air contamination
  • High shifting force systems that promote high speed applications and repeatability
  • Washdown compatibility

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The Bullet Valve for Filling Applications - Evolution in air valve technology from MAC Valves!

MAC Valves is a global leader in air valve solutions for beverage filling. Speed and repeatability, critical filling parameters, are inherent benefits of MAC’s product design. Thanks to these characteristics, MAC valves have been proven to optimise cycle time and significantly improve fill consistency.

The threaded cartridge configuration of the Bullet Valve allows for a variety of mounting possibilities, such as direct integration into pneumatic actuators or vacuum generators without the need of external tubing or fasteners. 2-Way and 3-Way models of the BV cartridge (9mm, 10mm and 14mm diameters) are available. A surface manifold mount configuration is also offered.

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