Compressed Air Pneumatic Cylinders Actuator Ram

Pneutech has a wide range of both Pneumatic Linear Cylinder Actuators and Hydraulic Cylinder actuators (sometimes referred to as 'rams') from a number of high quality manufacturers from around the world including Bonesi in Italy, Bimba, Tolomatic and PHD in the USA for our more specialized products.

Pneutech builds locally ISO 155552 and CETOP compact standard cylinders from Bonesi and also along with Tolomatic series BC2 rodless actuators.

Range includes:

Many of these actuators can be specially manufactured and customised to suit the demands of your environments whether it be wash-down areas or outdoor heavy duty service.

Cylinder Repair Service

Pneutech has the capacity in our workshop to repair many brands (including other manufacturers) of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. 

Get in touch with our Customer Service Team to take advantage of these services.