Nex Flow Compressed Air Vortex Cooler

The NexFlow range of Compressed Air Vortex Coolers uses reliable and proven compressed air vortex technology to provide a cooling device designed to cool various applications in your plant.

Download the Vortex Cooler Datasheet

A vortex cooler works by spinning incoming compressed air - generating a vortex - which divides the air flow in two directions. In one direction cold air is generated and forced out of the main nozzle. In the other direction a stream of hot air is exhausted.

They can be used on cutting tools, welds, soldering, cameras and electronics in hot areas, setting adhesives, gas samples, heat seals and many more potential jobs in your plant especially in circumstances where cooling liquid is undesirable.  

Using a movement and vibration free brass generator the coolers come in a number of configurations:

  • Max Cold (-46°C) or Max Cooling (3165 W/10800 BTU/hr) generator options 
  • A box cooler designed for cooling of small enclosures (otherwise see our vortex for Panel Coolers for dedicated enclosure units)
  • A Spot cooler used with flexible hose kit for directional control
  • Mist Tool Cooler that atomizes and cools (to 5°C) water based lubricants for usage on cutting tools - reducing the consumption of cutting fluid

They can be used in hazardous areas, however the determining factor will be the hot air end being below potential ignition temperatures of dust and gas.

The spot units are designed to cool roughly a 50 mm square area directly in front of them. If you have larger cooling requirements for larger areas which can be cooler to room temperature Pneutech suggests looking at our Air Amplifier range.

If you require assistance with sizing a cooling system for your application please get in touch with our product experts in our Customer Service Team.