transport industry pneumatic solutions

Pneutech can provide a wide range of product solutions pre-designed or custom made for your applications for trucking, rail, bus, water trucks, tankers and trailers and many more.

These include products from many of our ranges to solve most problems that occur in these sectors.

  • Wide temperature ranges and wash-down proof equipment,
  • Custom voltage solenoid valves with 100% duty cycle rated coils,
  • Valves built for and with proven track records of reliance for specific applications,
  • High resistance to contamination from compressors, 
  • Air preparation systems to provide cleaner air to pneumatic components,
  • Robust metal fittings; including DOT compliance if required for brake systems

Example information on some of our product offerings:

MAC 800 series 5 way solenoid valves modified for wide temperature ranges

MAC 1800 series 5 way manual valves modified for wide temperature ranges


If you have a application or require a solution to your requirements please get in touch with our Technical Team.