Tolomatic Power Transmission Gearboxes

Slide-Rite™ Gearboxes

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Tolomatic's Slide-Rite™ Gearbox consists of two helical gears that mesh at right angles to turn power around any corner. They can operate in either direction and slide axially along keyed shafts. This unique floating design maintains perfect shaft alignment for easy installation. Completely leak-proof, it has shaft speeds up to 1200 RPM and is pre-lubricated and ready for installation.

Slide-Rite® CR Gearbox

Tolomatic's Slide-Rite® CR has all the advantages of the Slide-Rite™ — leak-proof, floats in either direction on keyed shafts, maintains perfect alignment, easy  to install — PLUS it is corrosion resistant. The Slide-Rite® CR is the perfect choice for applications that require hostile environments. They are pre-lubricated and ready for installation.

Float-A-Shaft® Gearboxes

Tolomatic introduced the Float-A-Shaft over 50 years ago and it is still one of our most popular products. Two helical gears mesh at right angles to turn power around any corner. Float-A-Shaft slides along keyed shafts and can be operated in either direction. Made of light-weight aluminum these rugged and durable gearboxes have proven themselves year after year for dependable operation. The unique design maintains perfect alignment eliminating the need for dangerous chain sprocket drives and all the additional adjustments required for chain drive applications. Easy to install, these gearboxes come in compact, standard, flat base and foot mount styles.