Vacuum Venturi Speeder Pumps - Compact Size

Pneutech has a range of Vacuum Speeder Pumps available from VMECA. 

Vacuum Speeders are smaller sized pumps usable in most vacuum applications. Utilising the VMECA Multi Stage Venturi Cartridge design you can be sure the performance is high, reliable and the air consumption low.

They provide an further advantage when directly coupled with a vacuum cup to decrease the evacuation time in high speed applications.

Range options include:

  • 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" vacuum ports
  • Open flow rates of up to 362 Nl/min (model dependent)
  • Vacuum levels up to -95 kPa achievable (with high vacuum VCX303 cartridge)
  • Built in vacuum release (model dependent)
  • Noise limited to 65 dBa with appropriate silencers
  • Can achieve full vacuum performance on as little as 3 Bar inlet pressure
  • Built in height compensation models also available
For further assistance in selecting an appropriate pump for your application please get in contact with our vacuum experts in our Customer Service Team.