Compressed Air and Gas Filters/Dryers

Pneutech has a range of Filter and Dryer products from Master Pneumatic, Parker Domnick Hunter main air preparation units, the Expel range of point of use Stainless Steel filters and our additional entry level range.

Master Pneumatic range includes:

  • General Purpose, Coalescing oil removal and Adsorber (oil vapour and hydrocarbon) filters. Clean or breathing air packages containing all 3 filters are also available
  • 5 or 40 micron particulate and .01 micron oil removal filter elements
  • Port sizes from 1/8" up to 2" in BSPP (NPT optional)
  • Metal bowls with sight glass as standard 
  • Automatic float drains standard, manual optional
  • FILENCO dryers with clay, clay and activated carbon or molecular sieve desiccant options.
  • 7 Year manufacturer warranty on all parts

Download the Master Pneumatic General Purpose Filter Catalogue

Download the Master Pneumatic Coalescing Filter Catalogue

Download the Master Pneumatic Adsorbing Filter Catalogue

Parker Domnick Hunter Oil-X range of  post compressor filtration products.

Download the Domnick Hunter Oil-X Catalogue

The Pneutech Expel Filter and Drain system is a unique engineered solution for point of use filtration. Tested to ISO 12500 standard it is designed to remove particulates down to 1 micron and removes 99.9999% of water and oil in your airline in a single 303 Stainless Steel bodied package.

Download the Expel Filter Datasheet

The Pneutech range of products are entry level units for your basic fltration applications. Plastic bowls and manual drains as standard.

Download the Pneutech Air Preparation Product Guide