NexFlow Air Nozzles Aluminium

NexFlow Air Nozzles are the smallest amplifiers for point applications.

Download Nex Flow Air Nozzles Brochure

The larger the Nozzle or the Jet the greater the efficiency for flow amplification and significant energy savings can be achieved.

It is important to recognise that amplification Nozzles and Jets are “flow” amplifiers and not force amplifiers. However, the more air consumed the greater the force produced.

  • Nex Flow Nozzels meet OSHA Standards
  • Available in Aluminium, Brass, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium adjustable flow versions available
  • Sizes (male and female) up to 1-1/2" (in the Air Mag range)
  • Noise Reduction up to 10 dBa
  • Flows up to 25x the compressed air used

If you require assistance with your air nozzle application please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.