Guardair - Compressed Air Safety Air Guns and Lances

Guardair Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high quality compressed air blow guns and lances. Headquartered in Massachusetts USA, their compressed air gun range meets and/or exceeds all OSHA requirements for the safe usage of compressed air for blow-down and general cleaning.

The Guardair safety air gun range provides exceptional reach and performance in noise reduction, handling ergonomics, blockage prevention and "whip" elimination (through the usage of "dead-man style controls). 

The range also includes the Nortec style industrial compressed air driven vacuum systems. These drum based units are a plug and play system that uses compressed air to drive the venturi vacuum generators for the safe picking up of particulates in general or for personnel cleaning. These systems are also available with ATEX certified versions for use in Hazardous Areas.

On top of this there is a range of industrial vacuum point to point conveying systems available for a variety of your needs.

A unique product offering as well in the Air-Spade. The Guardair Air-Spade is a compressed air gun designed to be used to safely move dirt and dig holes around delicate areas such as pipework and tree-roots

You can find information on their range here.