Air Edger Nexflow aluminium nozzle

The NexFlow Air Edger is a compact flat air nozzle with an inset shim.

Download the Air Edger Datasheet Brochure

Designed to give a fan style laminar outflow. The Edger is designed to entrap surrounding air via the Coanda effect and increase air volume flow without increasing compressed air consumption.

A 2" wide Air Edger nozzle exerts more force than anĀ Air Blade Knife of the same length.


  • Anodised Aluminium or 316L Stainless body
  • 304 or 316 Stainless Shims - longer lasting than plastic
  • Shim gap sizes of .004, .008, .012, .020, .024 and .028"
  • Expandable with a shim set (sold separate) to increase flow force gap
  • Can be mounted on Manifolds or Rigid Flex Hose mounts

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