Tolomatic - Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

TOLOMATIC is a manufacturer based in Minnesota, USA.

The company has been manufacturing electric and pneumatic actuator products, industrial power transmission parts and other custom products for over 50 years.

Tolomatic manufactures a wide range of rodless pneumatic actuators that are the best in their class in performance. Internal or Externally guided.

Tolomatic is also the last actuator company to still product cable rodless cylinders for applications that demand such a item.

Pneumatic, hydraulic and manual brakes for tension control applications. 

Gearboxes and cone clutches are also available in their range.

The electric edge

Tolomatic's capabilities in the Electric Linear Actuator space is second to none.

With actuators that can push 133 tonnes or that can position and provide feed back at all points along it's stroke or has full USDA/FDA IP69K approvals for wash-down environments Tolomatic is the go to company for your facilities needs.

For more information on Tolomatic feel free to visit their website.