Compressed Air Pneumatic Over Arm Clamps

Series PEC Arm Over Clamps

Download the PEC Datasheet Brochure

Series PEC Arm Over Clamps are designed to provide the widest clamping force range in the industry. The Series PEC incorporates a cam locking mechanism that prevents the arm from opening if air pressure is lost. The lock works in a range of 6 degrees from the fully closed position. Multiple output shaft options allow the clamp arms to be mounted on either or both sides. The superior design of the Series PEC Clamp offers self-locking internal threads throughout that eliminate the need for thread locking adhesives or additional locking components. Speed reducers reduce the need for flow controls and assist in the prevention of overload failures caused by poor flow control adjustments. Carboxilated Nitrile compression seals give the PEC the advantage in harsh environments.

Advantages:  Widest clamping force in industry, self-locking internal threads throughout, switches mount directly to clamp cylinder, endures harsh environments, superior delivery.