pneumatic adjustable air timer normally open closed

Pneutech distributes the Bimba MEAD range of pneumatic timers.

These pneumatically operated timers use a combined supply/signal air pressure to time a signal output to open or close after the timer has completed its set cycle.

Easy to use with a hand adjustment and a clear body so you can see the internal workings while in operation.

Download the Air Timer Brochure 

The range:

  • KLH - Normally Open (signal + output > time out > shut off > reset)
  • KLC - Normally Closed (signal > time out > output > reset)
  • Time .75 to 120 seconds
  • Time can be further extended by combining timers with air reservoirs
  • 8.2 Bar/ 125 PSI max pressure
  • Requires clean air

If you require assistance with your pneumatic circuit design incorporating pneumatic timers please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.