Energy Plarail Chains

Plarail chains are cable, hose protection, and guiding devices all made of plastic. They protect and guide cables and hoses without twists or turns in motion of industrial robots, machine tools, and conveying machines.

Strength, light weight, and smooth motion is realised by connecting to chains made of engineering plastic. Adjustment of length is easy.

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HPU, HPO series
Flaps can be opened or closed either from right or left which is convenient for replacement of cables. Smooth in motion, quiet in noise, excellent in safety and durability, handling is easy. Following all the linear and complex motion of mobile parts of machines and tools, they protect and guide cable and hoses.

HPO series
They protect cables and hoses from dust particles.

HPE series (R50~R200mm·R15.2~61.0in.)
Cables can be separated according to their types. The right and left of the separated compartment has its own flap and, thus, only the necessary flap can be opened or closed. Bending radius can be selected from 5 types according to devices and cables.

HPK series
Single cable or hose can be protected or guided. This type is optimal for mass-produced low-cost and compact special purpose tools.

HPM series
This type is low-cost full-cover type and protect cables and hoses from dusts and foreign particles.

HPC series
This low-noise type does not require tools for replacement of cables. Low-noise is realised by the construction by small blocks and adoption of special engineering plastic.