Static Control and Elimination

Pneutech strongly recommends consultation with us for any anti-static application so that we can provide the most effective solution at the lowest cost to your business.

Pneutech offers Fraser Anti Static and ionisation products for your applications.

Coupled with our Nex Flow Air Blades and other blow-off products these ranges complement one another very well.

Pneutech can provide a range of: 

  • 240V AC or 24V DC Anti Static Bars up to 6000mm in length.
  • Blower, nozzle or Air Knife range extension
  • Anti-Static air guns
  • Power Supplies
  • Cord, Tinsel and discharge brushes for contact static removal
  • Static Measurement

For assistance in selection please get in contact with Pneutech's Static Specialists in our Customer Service Team.