Compressed Air Blow Guns and Lances

Pneutech has a very wide range of compressed air Blowguns and Air Lance products available.

Our Guardair range of heavy duty OHSA approved compressed air guns are great for larger applications that require reach and high flow/force rates.

Guardair Big Air Guns Catalogue

Guard Air Ultra Xtra Thrust Catalogue

Our Legris range has a number of smaller hand held standard and safety compressed air blowgun products manufactured to European standards that can be combined with the range of recoil hose, fittings and couplers.

Legris Blowgun Catalogue

Many "home-made" compressed air guns are not safe to be used by personnel and can be a dangerous source of injury with flying debris, potential for causing embolisms in open wounds or whiplash action if the pipe is big enough.

By providing a range of safety compliant compressed air guns, Pneutech can help prevent costs to personal safety and the associated monetary costs to your business in such situations while also reducing energy costs versus open pipe "home-made" compressed air guns.

Pneutech range includes:

  • Small Handheld
  • Longer lance type guns with lengths of up to 120" (3050 mm)
  • Sizes from 1/4" up to 3/4" connections
  • In-built safety to various worldwide standards. Some with integrated pressure limiting regulators and end blockage prevention
  • Dead man trigger style
  • Much lower air consumption than open pipe

 For further selection assistance please contact our Customer Service Team.