Compressed Air line Lubricators and Lubrication systems

The Master Pneumatic and the Pneutech brand ranges offers a number of lubrication options for both your air lines and for lubrication of mechanical components such as conveyors and bearings, etc.

Download the Master Pneumatic Lubricator Catalogue here

Your inline lubrication has two forms:

  • Mist style Inline units:
    • Standard atomizing system with adjustable rate deigned to be prior to your valving
    • Port sizes 1/8" - 1-1/2"
    • Bowl capacities up to 1.83 litres on the largest unit
  • Droplet Style Single Point Lubricators:
    • Precision drop size, adjustable or preset
    • Designed to be in between the valve and the actuator and draws lubricant per stork or when valve switches only
    • Two types:
      • For air tools
      • For non-air tools
    • Can be coupled with a counter and/or timer for continuous operation
    • Much reduced usage of lubricant and gets the oil to where it needs to be in the application

The Master Pneumatic Serv-Oil range allows point of use of lubrication injection or spraying on to mechanical parts that require lubrication. This automated system eliminates regular maintenance requirements of lubricating things like chain, bearings, etc.

Download the Servo-Oil Catalogue here

If you require assistance with your lubrication requirements please get in touch with our Customer Service Team