VMECA Vacuum Gripper systems

VMECA manufacture a large range of Vacuum Gripper Systems for use on robots or machines for pick and place applications.

Pneutech can provide a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your specific requirements. 

The V-Grip is an extruded aluminium head with widths of 80, 130, 200 and 300 mm and available in standard lengths of up to 1200 mm long). They are available with both foam or vacuum cup pattern options for pad gripping. Able to generate its own vacuum using built in venturis or using an external vacuum source.

The Mini V-Grip is a miniature version of the above in a 16, 20, 30 and 60mm widths with lengths up to 600 mm on the 30 and 60 size. They can bolt together and have many of the same options as the standard V-Grip units.

The Magic Gripper is an assemblage of a profile extrusion with mounted independent speeder vacuum generators with built in cups. Leveraging the Magic Cup design the primary wearing part is the cup lip in contact with the product, delivering a very low ongoing 

The Needle Gripper is a unit designed for very porous products that vacuum would struggle to lift. Things like carbon fiber, carpets, woven garments and many others. The gripper consists of a number of small needles that penetrate the object which are operated via a double acting pneumatic piston.

The Solar Master is a specially designed gripper for the transfer of solar wafers for solar panels. Built specifically to ensure the wafers remain undamaged and unaffected by any potential source of static.


If you require any assistance with your vacuum application or want to pursue customised designs please speak with our Vacuum Experts in the Customer Service Team.