Nexflow fraser air nozzles knifes edgers amplifiers panel coolers ring vac conveyors

Pneutech supplies quality made parts to provide a variety of Compressed Air/Pneumatic control functions for blow off, cooling, cleaning and conveying. The Nex Flow range of products is a US based company with a wide range of products to achieve your compressed air control needs.

Using these products provides many energy saving advantages over having open pipe and by using venturi or coanda effect designs multiplies the air affects using surrounding atmosphere which allows the reduction in compressed air usage.

Pneutech are also supplies of a range of Anti-Static gear such as bars, knives, spot blowers, fans and many others to remove or apply static from a range of applications such as printing and plastics. Combined with the Nex Flow range dust removal becomes an easily solved problem.

Range includes:

  • Air Nozzles
  • Air Knives and ring wipes
  • Air Amplifiers
  • Vortex spot, tool, mist and enclosure panel coolers
  • Vacuum conveyors
  • Air driven cleaning and waste removal products
  • Anti static systems with or without air usage

For assistance in selection of these products for your application please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.