NexFlow Panel Enclosure Cabinet Box Cooler

The Nex Flow Frigid-X Panel Enclosure Cooler range is a compressed air driven air conditioning system designed to be used on enclosure panels.

Download Panel Cooler Datasheet Brochure

Download Panel Cooler Sizing Form  - For submission to our technical team to quote you an appropriate sized system for your Enclosure.

If you have overheating components in electrical enclosures, a Panel Cooler is a great way to replace fans, blowers and filters.


  • No moving parts or vibration
  • Ambient temperatures of up to 93°C (high temp model)
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Made of durable stainless steel and metal arts - no cheap plastic parts
  • Cooling capacities to 849 W / 2800 BTU/Hr per unit
  • IP 66 protection against dirt and washdown
  • Control and stabilise the temperature and humidity inside the enclosure
  • Mount in a standard electrical knockout
  • Eliminate circuit drift, nuisance tripping and dirt contamination
  • Combine with a solenoid valve and thermostat for automated ON/OFF function