Compressed Air Pneumatic Twist/Swing Clamps

Pneutech can provide a number of twist style work-holding clamps from PHD Inc and Bimba. Pneumatically operated - these can provide high down-force pressure force on tooling of frames design to hold wood, metal, plastic or other materials for machining tasks such as routing.

Easy to use in conjunction with a pneumatic valve with manual/mechanical or air/solenoid control. Build in magnetic pistons can provide electrical feed back on open/closed position.

Make your own tooling or available with standardized options direct from the manufacturer.

Download the PA Series Twist Clamp Brochure

Download the PB/PC Series Twist Clamp Brochure

  • Double acting function
  • Ball bearing guides = vastly more reliable
  • Repair kits available
  • PB/PC series drop in replacement for competitor models
  • Anti backlash device option
  • With or without Tooling
  • Sensor Switch ready

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