Nex Flow Compressed Air Blade Knife Anodised Aluminium or Stainless Steel

The Air Blade - Compressed Air Knives from Nex Flow™ dramatically reduce compressed air and noise levels as compared to other blow-off products. An air knife easily replaces drilled pipe and greatly reduces air consumption for blow-off, cleaning, drying and cooling and has a far greater effect than electric air knives driven models in terms of force, noise and effectiveness.

25% more efficient than standard or legacy compressed air knife products on the market means you can achieve the same force output at a lower inlet pressure and thus reduced your compressed air energy consumption versus those products.

The compressed air knives can be combined with filtration for food applications and also with valves and sensor controls to turn on and off to reduce compressed air consumption further when process not running or between product runs.

Download Air Knife Datasheet Brochure


  • No moving parts 
  • Far higher force than electric blower driven units
  • Gold Anodised aluminium, Hard Anodised aluminium or stainless steel versions
  • High airflow amplification with the Coanda effect providing a 40:1 ration of amplification using surrounding atmospheric air
  • Low Noise levels of 69 dBa
  • Instant on-off, no electricity or explosion hazard
  • Longer life in difficult environments than competitive models
  • Maintenance free with output easily controlled via pressure regulator, safe to use

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