Omal Angle Seat Valves Stainless steel

Omal manufacture a range of quality Angle Seat Valves. Angle Seat Valves (ASV's) are plunger style valves with a mounted actuator driving the plunger linearly. ASV's are used in applications where where long life is critical (Omal ASV's are rated to 2 million cycles) and especially usable in steam applications.

Download Omal Angle Seat Valve - Threaded - Datasheet

Download Omal Angle Seat Valve - Other ends - Datasheet

Download Omal Angle Seat Valve - Manual Drive - Datasheet

Omal Angle Seat Valves have the best Kv flow values in the industry hands down.

They come in three series: Zeus, Ares and Atena

The range includes:

  • Threaded, tri-clover and flanged or butt-weld connections
  • Sizes from DN15 to DN50
  • Bronze or Stainless Steel body options
  • Temperature ratings of up to 180°C
  • PTFE Seals
  • Spring Normally Open or Closed or in Double Acting operation
  • Can be fitted with NAMUR interface valve & proximity sensor box for open/close feedback
  • Can eliminate water hammer if direction of flow runs from below the plug

For assistance with your process application please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.