Electric Linear Actuators

The Tolomatic brand of electric actuators are some of the best in the market for any applications that require high capability in demanding industrial applications.

High forces, speeds, accurate positioning, system integration and demanding environments.

Highlight features include:
  • Screw rod with fully integrated servo/stepper motor drive controls
    • Thrust forces up to 133 kN (yes 133 kN...)
    • Strokes up to 1500mm
    • With or without external guide support
    • Ball nut or Acme screws
    • IP69K and FDA approved rated stainless steel options
  • Rodless screw and belt drive styles
    • Strokes up to 5800mm (model dependent)
    • Speeds up to 2540mm
    • Thrusts up to 19 kN
  • Your motor options available to use your own motors and controls via using custom interface mounts.

It is highly recommended that you speak to our electric actuator specialists for any of your application requirements for us to help choose the right actuator for  the job. Please contact our Customer Service Team for more.