Static Eliminators

Powerful and high quality static eliminators with, and without air amplification products, to address virtually any application which static charges are a problem.


Wild claims are made by some amplification product suppliers that putting a static bar with an Air Knife will eliminate static at incredible distances which are highly exaggerated. We will attempt to clarify such myths with reality.

A static eliminator is a device that produces ions – positive and negative - which neutralise any opposite charge on a surface that these ions interact with. Static charges occur on plastic parts, moving webs of paper and film, and can cause problems of jamming as well as shock hazards to personnel.

Charges can vary on a surface and in some cases (depending on a variety of factors such as material, speed, and humidity) be extremely high. For this reason Nex Flow™ has several options to address the wide variety of environments encountered.


Static eliminators are used on their own when they can be placed close to a surface. In all instances it takes “time” for the static to dissipate. When close to a surface it can happen extremely quickly (milliseconds). This can usually be achieved by using a standard strength static bar. In some cases the surface charge may be extremely high (like in some materials as Mylar) and/or the surface may be moving quite quickly on a moving web. In such cases the static bar may not produce enough “ions” fast enough and a more powerful static bar is required. Just adding an Air Knife will NOT speed up static removal. In fact it may slow it down!

Nex Flow™ has a more powerful static bar available for such high charged or high speed applications 

Adding a compressed air “Air Knife” will allow you to remove static at a distance (as will adding a blower) but can increase the time needed to dissipate static as the ions somewhat recombine on their way to the target weakening their effect. Therefore often a stronger static bar (that we can provide) is required.

Nex Flow™ uses quality static bars from Haug rather than cheap products because Haug static bars have been proven to last in difficult environments. The most fragile part of any ionisation system is the static bar and Haug bars have proven themselves against many others to be durable, of high quality, and long lasting.