Electrical Products

Pneutech are pneumatic product industry experts committed to distributing high quality pneumatic Peters electrical products, providing reliable service and innovative solutions benefiting our clients bottom line.

Pneutech are distributors for the Pneumatic industry, supplying a broad range of Connectors DIN-EN, Bases DIN-EN, Connectors M8 - M12, M12 Boxes, Pressure Switches – Transmitter, Proximity Sensors, Valve-Timer / Light Gaskets, Connectors Deutsch - Tyco, Relais - Opto-Coupler Modues from the worlds best pneumatic product suppliers – Peters.

Peters Electrical pneumatic products are predominantly produced in the companies headquarter in Wesel, Germany. The product range includes Interconnection, Interface, Suppressor technology, Instrumentation, and user specific designs. The name of Peters stands for technical progress with new trend-setting products. Innovation and exemplary quality are world-wide recognised by our partners and customers. Quality checks are not just made after the product has been manufactured, rather during every stage of process-oriented production.

Canfield Connector offers a wide selection of quality electronic devices. We specialise in interconnection devices, electronic timers, proximity sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices. Our DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors are the core of Canfield Connector and come in MINI, ISO and Sub-Micro 8mm or 9.4mm sizes, and both hardwired or fully moulded versions to fit your needs.

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