Nex Flow Standard Air Amplifiers for Blow Off, Cooling and Venting

Nex Flow Standard Air Amplifiers for Blow Off, Cooling and Venting

Nex Flow™ Standard Air Amplifiers For Blow off, Cooling and Venting Are MORE Efficient and Heavy Duty Compared to Many Others

Nex Flow™ Standard Air Amplifiers are quiet and reduce compressed air used for cooling and drying applications. Air amplifiers, often called Air Movers, move a large volume of air with a minimal amount of compressed air consumption “amplifying” the output as much as 15 times and more. The output air has high volume, high velocity and has been proved more powerful, with higher laminar output velocity and with less air consumption and higher efficiency compared to similar designed “others” that often claim unrealistic results.

Here are the results from a third party test comparison:

Actual measurement taken under same conditions for products & same air line size comparing the Nex Flow AM20 and AM40 to another fixed amplifier design claiming much higher air amplification. In actual test results Nex Flow™ performed better using less compressed air and higher air flow amplification.

Nex Flow Third Party Comparison

The Nex Flow™ Standard Air Amplifiers Amplifiers performed consistently better in air amplification and air use efficiency. But you don’t have to believe us - just compare products in your own operations and see for yourself!

Not only that, the Nex Flow™ Standard Air Amplifiers are zinc/aluminium cast – made for rugged handling and is easy to mount using existing mounting holes.


Nex Flow Mounting System Air Amplifier

Mounting System for Standard Air Amplifier

A fixed air outlet gap is maintained with a stainless steel shim that maintains consistent performance. Additional shims may be added for increased flow.

There are no moving parts and is maintenance free. More efficient than venturis and ejectors. Units are lightweight, no moving parts, and no electricity.


  • Remove water, coolant, dust and scrap in parts manufacturing/assembly operations.
  • Cool enamel and water based paints in parts manufacturing, auto body shops or assembly lines.
  • Blow off of water from the tops of cans, bottles and all types of packaging prior to labelling, ink jetting, palletising or packaging.
  • Convey light materials and waste- Part ejection, fume removal, dust and liquid blow off from all types of parts.
  • Replace fans for better and faster cooling in many applications- Cool, clean and dry all types of material before painting, coating or polishing.
  • Remove coolant mist form machining operations and to boost existing fume removal systems.
  • Cool Steel Forgings.
  • Trim removal in paper, film or foil operations.

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Nex Flow™ continues to provide the best quality at the best price with realistic claims. Trained representatives around the world to support you in applications for blow off, cleaning, moving and cooling utilising compressed air for optimum energy efficient use.

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