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VIP Axial Valves

omal axial valve 02 Pneutech are Australian pneumatic industry experts committed to providing high quality OMAL VIP Axial Valves, reliable service and innovative solutions benefiting our clients bottom line. The OMAL VIP has been developed as the best and easy solution for the installation of automatic plants with safety, reliability and economic factors. The VIP is born to satisfy all the needs of modern plants.

OMAL VIP Axial Valve features

Both Double Acting and Spring Return OMAL VIP valves (either Normally Open or Normally Closed) are available in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”. 
GAS threaded ends as per UNI/ISO 7/1 Rp - DIN 2999 (NPT threads on request) with control fluid connections as per NAMUR interface. 
Improved fluid dynamics allow minimum pressure losses. OMAL VIP valves can be used in any mounting position (horizontal, vertical or oblique). They can be provided with seals in NBR, FKM or EPDM: 
-NBR: suitable for air, gas, oils, water etc.. 
- FKM: perfectly suitable for most fluid. Unsuitable for steam. 
-EPDM: perfectly suitable for hot water and steam. Unsuitable for mineral products (oils, grease, etc..). Information about material compatibilities can be found in the specific table.

A OMAL VIP valve (patented by OMAL exclusively) is a proper automatic valve embodying both interception device (between pipe C-D) and control device (A-B).
It works thanks to the internal movement of a piston supplied with air. At the end of its stroke (a OMAL VIP valve is an ON/OFF valve), the piston presses on the seat seal or moves away from it letting the intercepted fluid flow or stopping it from flowing. As the seat is perfectly tight and the intercepted fluid pressures discharge on it, the pressure necessary to move the piston is completely independent of the fluid pressure. As a result OMAL has been able to design a light space saving and lasting valve. Its full bore and its improved internal dynamics allow minimum pressure losses, too.

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