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Shock Absorbers

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Pneutech Australia are pneumatic product industry experts committed to distributing high quality Shock Absorbers, providing reliable service and innovative solutions benefiting our clients bottom line.


Enertrols, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified manufacturer, is focused daily on providing the highest quality products for the industrial marketplace. All Enertrols components and products are inspected directly at Enertrols or by certified suppliers for quality and performance prior to shipment.

The Enertrols Product Line

Enertrols high-performance industrial shock absorbers offer energy capacities ranging from 9 to over 1 ½ million inch-lbs per cycle. Adjustable and self compensating models are offered. Versatile Enertrols models are available with internal or external accumulators

Rugged Sub-Miniature and Miniature models mount easily in confined spaces. Proven Mid-Size self-compensating models offer four effective weight ranges for handling a wide range of applications. All Enertrols Mid-Size models include Weartec Plus on the threaded outer tubes for outstanding corrosion protection.

Gold Line® primary and fixed flange adjustable models offer energy per cycle ratings from 1,350 to 224,000 inch-lbs per cycle. SILVERLINE® models are available for low velocity, high propelling force applications.

EA adjustable and ECA self-compensating industrial shock absorbers are ideal for handling the demanding linear deceleration applications of the steel, foundry, marine, lumber and other heavy equipment industries.

Enertrols ESCS and ECB shock absorbers are available for handling emergency related applications for automated storage and retrieval systems, overhead cranes and more.

Enertrols also offers long-life shock absorbers for glass bottle and PET container industry equipment.

Additional products include: EHB hydraulic dampers, EDVC and EVC velocity and feed controllers, gas springs and elastomeric bumpers.

Industrial Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

By eliminating the damage-causing impact forces created by moving loads and objects through controlled linear deceleration, Enertrols shock absorbers...•

  • Increase operating speeds
  • Increase operating loads
  • Increase system performance
  • Increase reliability
  • Reduce stress in equipment
  • Reduce design & fabrication costs
  • Reduce noise levels

Benefit – Enertrols Industrial Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

For years, industry was faced with the problem of stopping moving objects used in manufacturing without destroying them, or the stopping device. Everything that moves possesses kinetic energy that must be dissipated to stop movement. The heavier the object, and/or the faster it moves, the higher the kinetic energy becomes. Impact forces due to stopping become extremely high and damaging unless properly controlled.

As today's sophisticated automated machines evolve they demand higher operating speeds and shorter stopping times, greatly multiplying the build-up of kinetic energy and the problem of controlling it. Some commonly used stopping devices such as springs, rubber bumpers and dashpots, add to shock loading rather than reducing it. They do not dissipate energy at a uniform rate. The moving object is subjected to high shock loading at either the end, or the beginning, of the deceleration stroke.

When stopping a moving weight or load, hydraulic shock absorbers convert kinetic energy to thermal energy (heat). The optimum operating condition occurs when this energy is dissipated at a nearly constant rate as the load is decelerated to zero velocity in the least distance in the least amount of time with no abrupt force peaks throughout the stroke. We call it controlled linear deceleration.

By installing Enertrols industrial hydraulic shock absorbers, you can reduce damaging impact forces significantly enough to permit higher speeds and production rates thereby increasing your profits. Of all existing deceleration methods, Enertrols shock absorbers are quite simply the best and most cost-effective means to stop a moving object.

For more information about Enertrols shock absorber products – Contact Pneutech Australia Head Office

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