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Power Transmission


Pneutech Australia are pneumatic product industry experts committed to distributing high quality Power Transmission products from Tolomatic, providing reliable service and innovative solutions benefiting our clients bottom line.

Pneutech Australia are distributors for the Pneumatic industry, supplying a broad range of Gearbox, Caliper Disc Brakes and Pneumatic Clutch products from the worlds best pneumatic product suppliers – Tolomatic.


Slide-Rite™ Gearboxes

Tolomatic's Slide-Rite™ Gearbox consists of two helical gears that mesh at right angles to turn power around any corner. They can operate in either direction and slide axially along keyed shafts. This unique floating design maintains perfect shaft alignment for easy installation. Completely leak-proof, it has shaft speeds up to 1200 RPM and is pre-lubricated and ready for installation.

Slide-Rite® CR Gearbox

Tolomatic's Slide-Rite® CR has all the advantages of the Slide-Rite™ — leak-proof, floats in either direction on keyed shafts, maintains perfect alignment, easy  to install — PLUS it is corrosion resistant. The Slide-Rite® CR is the perfect choice for applications that require hostile environments. They are pre-lubricated and ready for installation.

Float-A-Shaft® Gearboxes

Tolomatic introduced the Float-A-Shaft over 50 years ago and it is still one of our most popular products. Two helical gears mesh at right angles to turn power around any corner. Float-A-Shaft slides along keyed shafts and can be operated in either direction. Made of light-weight aluminum these rugged and durable gearboxes have proven themselves year after year for dependable operation. The unique design maintains perfect alignment eliminating the need for dangerous chain sprocket drives and all the additional adjustments required for chain drive applications. Easy to install, these gearboxes come in compact, standard, flat base and foot mount styles.


Pnuematic Brakes

  • Available in three sizes:  P10, P20, P220
  • Replaceable High-Grade Friction Material
  • Standard Buna-N Seals
  • Durable Construction
  • Zinc Plated Bolts

Pneumatic Brake Construction

  • Double and single acting styles
  • Replaceable, high-grade friction material,
  • Standard Buna-N seals
  • Aluminum construction with zinc plated bolts
  • PnuematicOptions include EPR seals, Viton® seals, retractable pistons and floating bracket.

Hydraulic Brakes

  • Replaceable High-Grade Friction Material
  • Standard Buna-N Seals
  • Bleeder Screws
  • Aluminum or Cast Iron Construction
  • Zinc Plated Bolts
  • H210 model offers high torque in 8" wheel

Hydraulic Brake Construction

  • Double acting or single acting (depending on model)
  • Replaceable, high-grade friction material
  • Standard Buna-N seals
  • Aluminum or cast iron construction (depending on model)
  • Bleeder screws, and zinc plated bolts
  • Options include EPR seals, Viton® seals, retractable pistons and floating brackets

Additional H210 Model Features:

  • Fits inside an 8" wheel
  • Austempered cast iron construction for increased strength
  • Dual piston design provides high torque with a low profile
  • Over 8,000 inch-pounds of stopping power
  • EPR seals are standard


Disc Cone Clutch Applications
Disc Cone clutches have been used in thousands of applications since their introduction nearly 50 years ago. Often used in conjunction with Tolomatic caliper disc brakes and Float-A-Shaft® gearboxes for complete control over power transmission in OEM machines and automated assembly lines.


  • 1207
  • 1307D
  • 1208
  • 1308D
  • 1209
  • 1309C
  • Sprocket Combinations

For all your Tolomatic Power Transmission products or Pneumatic product needs in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide – Contact Pnuetech Australia Head Office

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