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Tool Cooling System

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Produce cold air from compressed air to cool machine tools and other applications to replace messy misting systems, improve product quality and increase production speeds.

Pneutech is the Australian distributor for the innovative Nex Flow™ product range.

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Frigid-X™ Tool Cooling System for dry machining applications – replaces polluting and often toxic mist systems to improve dry machining operations. No mess, no residue and low in cost. It is efficient and can improve dry machining operations and assist in spot cooling applications for a variety of industrial machining processes by increasing machining rates and extending tool life. Produces cold air at approximately 50 F (28 C) below supply air temperature. The unit is muffled for quiet operation. No moving parts assures long life, maintenance free operation while extending tool life and improving production rates. It can prevent smearing of metal or plastics and eliminates wheel loading. Factory set for optimum cooling effect and to prevent freeze up. Can often replace costly mist coolants and certainly improves the quality and output of all types of dry machining operations from metals to plastics. Unit is low cost, no electricity with no moving parts and is essentially maintenance free.


  • Sharpening Tools
  • Routing
  • Machining Plastics
  • Drill and cutter grinding
  • Milling, Drilling, Routing and Surface Grinding
  • Plunge & Form Grinding
  • Setting Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Laser Cutting
  • Tire and Rubber Grinding
  • Band Saw Blade Cooling
  • Chill Roll Nip Cooling


All Metal Parts, Stainless Steel Body Tests Show Frigid-X™ consistently quieter than competition!


  • No moving parts
  • Quiet
  • Driven by air not electricity
  • Small and lightweight - portable
  • Low in cost compared to most others
  • Superior design and performance
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Made of durable stainless steel and metal arts – no cheap plastic parts
  • Improves production rates and finished part remains dry
  • Prevents burning
  • Improves tolerance control
  • Eliminates coolant costs
  • System uses strong magnetic base

Compressed air enters at point (A) into the vortex tube component of the spot cooler. The vortex tube splits the compressed air into a hot (B) and cold (C) stream of air. The hot air from the vortex tube is vented to the atmosphere at point (D) after being muffled to reduce noise. Cold air enters into the muffler (E) and then distributed through the hose distribution kit (F) and onto the item being cooled. A strong magnet (G) holds the spot cooler in place. The temperature of the cold air is controlled by an adjustable knob.

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