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Safety Air Blow Guns

safety air gun Nex Flow™ Blowoff Guns utilise the efficient and superior Nozzles and Jets to reduce compressed air consumption and noise levels with safety in mind.

Pneutech is the Australian distributor for the innovative Nex Flow™ product range.

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Many low cost Air Guns are sold extensively but do not necessarily last. In addition, they are not all safe to use and may result in dangerous high dead end pressures.

Nex Flow™ safety air blowoff Guns are durable, safe, and comfortable to use incorporating our efficient Air Nozzles and Jets to produce high output air and “laminar” flow while minimising compressed air use and noise levels.

The most important reason to use safety Air Guns with our Air Nozzles or Jets is safety. All Nex Flow™ Air Nozzles and Jets meet OSHA standard CFR 1910.242(b) for dead end pressure. Noise levels are dramatically lower with Air Nozzles and Jets in addition to lower energy use.


There are two types of Safety Air Blowoff Guns to choose from depending on the individual’s personal taste and comfort.

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Nex Flow™ removes the confusion from Air Jets and Nozzles. You do NOT need hundreds of different Nozzles. All air amplifying Nozzles produce air flows up to 25 times the compressed air consumed. Different Nozzles have different outlet sizes and the more air used, the greater the force produced. Noise reduction up to 10 dBA is typical as well as reduced air consumption when
compared to open Jets and Tubes.

By maintaining a reasonable choice of Nozzles most valid applications can be addressed with our range.

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