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Air Knives

Air-Knives For Blowoff, cleaning and cooling with reduced air and noise levels.

Pneutech is the Australian distributor for the innovative Nex Flow™ product range.

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nexflow xstream air knife2Air knives from Nex Flow™ dramatically reduce compressed air and noise levels as compared to other blow-off products. Air knives provide a compact, and efficient means to dry, clean and cool materials. Air knives operate by entraining the surrounding air along with the compressed air utilising the “coanda” effect essentially converting energy which would normally be lost as noise and pressure drop into useful flow. No matter what anyone tells you, all air knives using the coanda effect are essentially the same in performance with negligible differences. However, how they are made is what is very important to make sure you get value for you money.


• The Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife is easy to mount and maintain, reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels. It is the most efficient design yet achieved in Air Knife blow off technology in reducing noise levels and air consumption yet providing the optimum in blow off energy.

• The Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife produces a “laminar” flow of air along its length using the ”Coanda” effect which “entrains” a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with a small amount of compressed air from the X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife to produce an output flow up to 40 times. System payback on compressed air savings can be as soon as a few weeks in some applications.
The Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Air Knife comes in three versions: Gold Anodized Aluminum for most applications,Hard Anodized aluminum for abrasive environments or where material may come in contact and tend to wear against the air knife, and stainless steel for high temperature and corrosive environments.


  • No moving parts - Gold Anodized aluminum, Hard Anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Compact design, simple, lightweight and portable.
  • Full flow - Air across entire length of Air Knife.
  • Air inlets at ends and back.
  • Driven by air not electricity.
  • Replaces drilled pipe and open jets or nozzles used for blowoff, cleaning, drying and cooling.
  • High airflow amplification.
  • Instant on-off, no electricity or explosion hazard


  • Longer life in difficult environments than competitive models.
  • Lower compressed air consumption than drilled pipe or rows of open jets and nozzles.
  • Can be placed end to end for continuous airflow.
  • Maintenance free with output easily controlled, safe to use.


  • Compact design, simple, lightweight and portable.
  • Driven by air, not electricity for safety.
  • No moving parts - Hence safer and maintenance free.
  • Lower noise levels at 69 dBA and less with smaller space.


  • Cleaning of steel sheet in strip mills.
  • Parts drying.
  • Cleaning or drying web processes.
  • Pre-paint drying and blowoff.
  • Scrap removal.
  • Parts cooling.
  • Circuit board cooling.
  • Use for environment separation with air curtain effect.
  • Opening bags for filling.
  • Sheet separation.

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