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Cylinder Slides

cylinders slides

Pneutech's offers a broad range of high quality Bimba and PHD Clinder Slide products.

Bimba Cylinder Slides

Bimba has a wide variety of slide products, each with unique design features that differentiate it from the others and offer customers unique performance characteristics or load carrying capabilities.

Choose from traditional Linear Thrusters, which incorporate traditional stainless steel round line actuators, to low profile air tables, which incorporate small bore aluminium extruded cylinder bodies that move heavy loads supported by recirculating ball rail systems, to our patented PneuMoment™ Actuators that can support large loads and moments in a revolutionary compact design.

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phd sliderPHD Cylinder Slides

Powered Slides include cantilever and saddle types, and operate using air, air/oil, or electric power sources. PHD offers over ten different series of slides designed to handle loads ranging from a few ounces up to 300 pounds.

SCV Linear Pneumatic Slide Powered by ISO Cylinder

Series SCV Slides are ideal for non-rotating vertical applications or light duty horizontal applications where some deflection can be tolerated
Advantages:  Powered by PHD's rugged Series CV cylinders, variety of sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

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