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Nex Flow™ Frigid-X Panel Coolers with Constant Purge!!!

Nex Flow™ has developed the new FRIGID-XTM BY-PASS SYSTEM for their line of Nex Flow™ FRIGID-XTM PANEL COOLERS.

The Nex Flow™ FRIGID-XTM PANEL COOLER BY-PASS SYSTEM allows constant purging with compressed air of a control panel, even when the FRIGID-XTM PANEL COOLER is not operating and zero air is flowing through the PANEL COOLER.

 nex flow frigidx panel cooler by pass system

Nex Flow Standard Air Amplifiers For Blow Off, Cooling and Venting

Nex Flow™ Standard  Air Amplifiers For Blow off, Cooling and Venting Are MORE Efficient and Heavy Duty Compared to Many Others

  nex flow standard air amplifiers

Nex Flow™ Standard Air Amplifiers are quiet and reduce compressed air used for cooling and drying applications. Air amplifiers, often called Air Movers, move a large volume of air with a minimal amount of compressed air consumption “amplifying” the output as much as 15 times and more. The output air has high volume, high velocity and has been proved more powerful, with higher laminar output velocity and with less air consumption and higher efficiency compared to similar designed “others” that often claim unrealistic results.


New Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Pneutech has a new set of standard terms and conditions of sale effective immediately. These, without prejudice, replace any previous terms and conditions that were in effect.

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