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VMECA – supplying quality vacuum products to the Australian Pneumatics Industry.

Established in 1991, With trademark of Vmeca, KPS offers over 18 years experience in the design and manufacture of vacuum components in range of suction pad, pumps and modularising accessories of air valves, vacuum switches for diversified functions. High performance of Vmeca products enhances the productivity and raises cost effect for automatic transferring systems in automotive, packaging, graphic printing and chemical industries.

KPS also designs, engineers and manufactures innovate solutions of vacuum conveyer system to convey dry powder products for food, pharmaceuticals and chemical lines.

Vmeca customers have been showing special interest in our outstanding design of compressed air driven Vacuum Pumps which designed to overcome the limitations of such other existing types as motor, rotary and dry typed pumps. Being different from general ejectors with single stage, Vmeca pump is the first in Korea to adapt multi stages using 4 to 6 bars of air making vacuum level up to –100.8Kpa(-756mmHg) without vibration, mist, heat and spark in operation. It has advantages of high energy efficiency with low price.

Under KPS philosophy of “excellent quality for customer oriented “, domestic and worldwide partners have won full trust from Vmeca product customers by reasonable prices and good services. As the pioneering manufacturers of vacuum technology in Korea, Vmeca is building itself into a highly successful global business.

As a national leader, KPS people are dedicated to turning imaginative technique into leading Vmeca products and services toward ranking first in global industries of vacuum technology.

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