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timber solutions Pneutech are prominent within the timber industry where automation and pneumatics are used through the different processing stages. The timber industry presents a number of unique and challenging conditions including a high proportion of dust and variable temperatures. Automation systems need to be tailored to suit these conditions and to provide consistent, reliable, low maintenance and safe systems.

Using our range of valves, actuators, motion control and safety sensors, Pneutech Australia can create a centralized automation concept that will reduce operating costs and improve productivity without compromising safety.

MAC Valves Wood Industry Solutions

Globally recognized as a Wood Industry Standard, MAC Valves are renowned for their ability & performance in often severe application conditions.

Designed for long life, MAC has a Valve solution for any application, from the high flow requirements for Debarkers, Lumber Jacks, Log Turners, Load Arms, Sweeps and Cam Loaders, through to the high speed requirements of Lug Loaders, Multi-Trimmers, Optimizing Decks, Board Edgers, Planners, Stackers, and Diverter Cylinders.

MAC Valves are able to be activated by Manual Lever, Remote Air or by an electrical Solenoid, the array of voltage options cover all industry voltages, both AC & DC. Electrical connectors can be either plug-in, flying lead or via a DINplug.

All Valves have a manual operator, this is for assistance in Setup, Service & Diagnostic Field Operations, and these are available in lockable, recessed, or external button options.

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