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Bimba Advantage: Vacuum Cylinder

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 Weekly Bimba Advantage, From the Desk of Scott Meldeau, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Vacuum Cylinder

Bimba's "Customs" engineers developed a vacuum cylinder that simplifies the pneumatic circuit by providing sequential actuation all from a single vacuum generator.  The cylinder operates when vacuum is applied to a single port on the rod guide. When vacuum is applied to the actuator, the vacuum cylinder will extend, make contact, grab, and retract with the part. To release the part, simply turn off the vacuum generator.

bimba vacuum cylinder


    • Simplifies pneumatic circuit.
    • Eliminates weight on end of arm tooling.
    • Less actuators required for multi-motion.

Other Applications:

    • Sprue Picker
    • Sheet Feeding
    • Pick and Place

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